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Fondation Yves Cotrel

Fondation Cotrel, Selection, support and follow-up of multi-disciplinary international research projects

The Cotrel Foundation was created by a former orthopedic surgeon who had dedicated his life to improving surgical treatments for scoliotic patients. After the implementation of the Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation (1983) which positively changed the lives of over 4 million patients in the world; Dr Cotrel aimed to understand the mechanisms of idiopathic scoliosis. The purpose of the Foundation was to select and financially support the most deserving and promising research teams from all over the world, enabling them to investigate the causes of idiopathic scoliosis. The Board’s mission is to identify and accompany the teams for the whole duration of their research. Scientific symposiums are organized once a year to stimulate the exchanges between the teams. This has led to unexpected collaboration breaking both geographical and disciplinaries boundaries : A multidisciplinary France-Canada research team, through their wide-open research in genetics, biology and physiology, have discovered defects in centrosomes and cilia that may underlie scoliosis pathogenesis. Their major and lasting contribution was the identification of the first gene causing familial scoliosis.

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Nora Muller-Conte –

Habitat Humanisme

Habitat & Humanisme Pensions de Famille

BNP Paribas European Social Impact Bonds Fund is an alternative 10 Million € Investment Fund dedicated to BNP Paribas SA and the European Investment Fund, equally invested and deeply involved in its process. Social Impact Bonds being intrinsically innovative, a fund with SIBs as underlying assets is a breakthrough in thinking at several levels: 1/ Impact is core: SIB is the only financial instrument that underlines the direct positive correlation between creating social improvement and creating economic and monetary value, by setting impact at its heart as the unique driver of the financial returns. 2/ Impact measurement is essential: it is crucial to demonstrate with scientific precision the social added value generated by the project, and the savings for the public authorities because this measurement is contractually linked to a financial return for investors. 3/ All stakeholders involved need to step out of their comfort zone: non-profit structures acquire technical financial knowledge, public authorities need to shift their mindsets from subsidies -based funding to outcome-based, financial investors need to switch to the triptych risk-profitability-impact analysis.

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Berenice Lasfargues –


Program « Prof en entreprise” by Fondation Croissance Responsable

We have decided to digitalize the “Prof en entreprise” program with the support of the company Hobbys and to create an application “Prof en entreprise” so that the actors of education can apprehend the realities of the company on the occasion of webinars, podcasts, interviews, crossed views around the company. Teachers will also be able to immerse themselves in companies, during internships that will be offered to them through this application.
They will thus be able to discover the functioning and organization of a company, whatever its size and purpose, its skills and professions, and become aware of its role and its commitment to society.

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Christian Nouel –