Award winner / Basic needs


Award winner / Basic needs

Ecooo 2023

Participaciones Solares Ecooo by ECOoo

Ecooo’s key goal is to make solar energy production and consumption accessible to everyone, making the energy system in Spain both sustainable and accountable. We buy solar plants that we then divide into participations starting at €100 for long-term investments and €1000 for short-term ones. In the 15 years since Ecooo was created, we have socialised 124 solar plants throughout Spain, with more than 4.500 participants, avoiding the emission of 40.836T CO2 to the atmosphere. Ecooo’s solar-energy plants are registered and are entitled to a steady retribution for a 30-year period. The return rate of investments is calculated according to the income generated quarterly by energy sales of each plant, and deducting the maintenance, taxes, and managing costs. Profits are shared among participants according to the amount of money they have invested.

Contact :
Paz Serra Portilla (


Brocklesby Biogas by Iona capital

Brocklesby Biogas owned by Iona Capital, is a waste to energy plant which works in cooperation with Brocklesby Ltd. Brocklesby Ltd is a recycling facility that recycles used cooking oil and fatty food waste to produce biodiesel and produces a liquid byproduct that is used in the next-door anaerobic digestion plant. The plant processes 70,000 tonnes of liquid food waste per year and generates 7MW of heat and electricity. The project also recovers value from the material produced from the digestion process via producing PAS 110 accredited organic fertilizer for surrounding farming activities. Brocklesby Biogas has the capacity to increase its level of heat use over the next few years as the potential for a private wire opportunity to a local business which would further improve its sustainability offering to the surrounding area of North Cave, Hull. The project is also eligible for ROC’s and RHI tariffs which help improve the projects overall profitability.

Contact :
Emma Pring –

Sri Kehati 1


KEHATI is an environmental organization focusing on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. We believe in the critical role of investor to our conservation agenda. • Our Strategy: – KEHATI developed the first ESG Index (SRI KEHATI Index) in Indonesia to promote Responsible investment in Indonesian capital market. – Subsequently, we approach fund manager to launch the ESG mutual fund benchmarking to KEHATI ESG Index. – Part of the collaboration, the fund manager will share (donate) parts of their management fee to KEHATI. – Conservation Program team of KEHATI use the donation to support our conservation projects with specific environmental and social impacts.

Contact :
Riki Frindos (

Pure Salmon

Pure Salmon by 8F

UN experts predict that by 2030, the world population will have increased by 1billion. Overfishing and current open net sea cages will not be able to provide sustainable and positive impact solutions for this growing demand. We use Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology so we can grow our land based salmon in a controlled and fully traceable environment anywhere in the world. Our production system has no negative impact on the eco-system of the oceans and our fish are grown with sustainable feed. Our fully safe environment means our fish are free from antibiotics, micro-plastics, mercury, pesticides and hormones. The modularity of our RAS technology allows us to replicate, build and manage our fish farms anywhere around the world, fully aligned with some of the UN’s SDGs. We have a positive impact on the local eco-system as we hire locally and create 170 to 200+ direct full time jobs, depending on the size of the facility (we build 10 000 tonnes p.a. or 20 000 tonnes p.a. c

Contact :
Christophe Lalo –